Innovative Educational Equity and Career Pathways


Our public education systems do not provide equitable outcomes for all students. These inequities create key gaps in economic opportunity and financial stability that collide with health and perpetuate devastating inequalities. The center will facilitate interdisciplinary research on the relationship between educational achievement as a social determinant of health that can create and inform practices and public policy. This area will focus community partnerships, research and policy on several key areas:

  • Closing Achievement Gaps and Creating Access
  • Equalizing STEM Education for Underserved Populations


The Innovative Educational Equity and Career Pathways research core is lead by Brenda Barrio. 

Ongoing Projects

The following are a list of our current projects:

* The U.S. Department of Education - Transition Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, UNT ELEVAR – Post-Secondary Education Program for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Status: Awarded