Photo of Drs. Chandra and Tony Carey, founders of CREEHS, in front of Willis Library

Founding Leaders

UNT’s Center for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Health and Society (CREEHS) was initiated by Chandra Carey, academic associate dean for UNT’s College of Health and Public Service and associate professor of rehabilitation and health services, and Tony Carey, associate professor of political science.

Core Leaders

William Scarborough – Economic Stability and Development:

Brenda Barrio – Education Innovations and Career Pathways:, 940-891-6800

Sara Champlin – Health Communication & Literacy:, 940-369-7651

Tony Carey – Public Policy Initiatives:, 940-565-2214

Our Mission

The Center for Racial and Ethnic Equity in Health and Society (CREEHS) seeks to increase the quality of life for all Texans and to foster an environment for economic growth and innovation by narrowing longstanding racial and ethnic gaps in healthcare. Grounded in an understanding of the social determinants of health, CREEHS will redress inequity in the conditions in which people in Texas, live, work, learn, and interact socially. The Center seeks to investigate health quality and related systems by examining the economic, social and environmental factors that have contributed to the state’s current health crisis. CREEHS is committed to seeking solutions to stimulate movement toward health equity.